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Review-Shop.com is an online review management service that helps businesses, big or small, improve their reputation through a trusted network of online reputation experts. Founded late 2014., Review Shop has continually served clients in the United States while expanding the market in Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand

Our team is committed to being an ally for businesses that need a fresh start by identifying the weak areas in their company and repairing their online marketing status. We understand how a negative or unfair review can be frustrating to fight back against – Don’t be at the mercy of negative ratings and reviews without an ally. Let us be your ally.

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We strive to establish world class rapport with our clients to give them a sense of ease when handling their requirements. Our help would be useless if poor service is consistent amongst our clients, so we want to ensure that the business relations we enter are positive. Our purpose is to vet out all possible review solutions to better customize your needs and inquiries to boost your platform. You have the option to either control your online reputation single handedly or to let us take care of it – from brand repair to review management.

With our range of services, you can find the best-suited package with intuitive features and functionality that will help aggregate your reviews across the web. There are plenty of studies that have proven that having positive reviews will make consumers trust your business more, so why not get the respect and value that you deserve? Remember, people believe what they read in reviews.

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