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Founded in Denmark, Trustpilot has been publishing reviews for online businesses since 2007. The site employs 500 workers, publishes half a million fresh reviews per month, and promotes registered companies free of charge. Additional promotion is provided for a fee. Reviews posted by Trustpilot meet the highest quality standards. If a review is dubious, site users and software can bring it to the attention of the Trustpilot staff.

Inspired by his parents’ online shopping habits, CEO Peter Holten Mühlmann created Trustpilot in 2007. Forgoing his routine as a student at Aarhus University’s School of Business and Social Sciences, Peter founded Trustpilot, then began a fundraising campaign for the fledgling company that generated three million dollars by 2010. In 2011, Seed Capital Denmark and Northzone bolstered the company with more capital, and one year later, with the help of Index Ventures, invested the 13 million in Series B funding that allowed Trustpilot to grow internationally.

Buy Trust Pilot Reviews

At the European Startup Awards of 2013, Trustpilot was named Danish Startup of the Year, and opened offices in London and New York. One year later, with the assistance of original investors, Draper Esprit (known at the time as DFJ Esprit) invested 25 million dollars. The Series C funding, according to VentureBeat, allowed the company to fully integrate its services into the United States market. In 2015, using data aggregation from third party sources like Trustpilot, Google began launching product ratings in France, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

Thanks to a licencing agreement with Google, reviews from Trustpilot are listed as Google Seller Ratings. So far, the company has raised over a hundred million dollars in venture funding, and has published 13 million reviews on over a hundred thousand brands.

With a Facebook page or email address, anyone can create an account at Trustpilot and post a review. For bare minimum promotion, businesses can be listed on the site for free. For additional marketing, custom packages and other services, businesses are charged $4,800, $8,400, or more per year. Income is generated by Trustpilot from subscribers who use the site’s software to gather customer reviews and to gain a keen understanding of businesses through the reviews. While Trustpilot reserves the right to change or delete reviews, the company acts in good faith and adheres to its own policies.

As with any consumer review website, Trustpilot is not immune to fraudulent reviews. Independent investigations have discovered that sites like Trustpilot often fall victim to a plague of dishonest reviews. If a site takes too long to edit or remove a bad review, the legitimacy of the site can be called into question. Trustpilot prides itself on trying its hardest to feature only legitimate reviews, even going so far as to allow businesses to display selective reviews of them (which may be in violation of certain laws).

Buy TrustPilot Reviews

Trustpilot fell victim to fraudulent posters and featured fake reviews for Bizzyloans. One of these reviews was coupled with a picture of a deceased woman. Often, scammers steal the identities of real people to appear more credible. Trustpilot deleted the fake Bizzyloans reviews as soon as they were detected by the online investagations company KwikChex and brought to the attention of Trustpilot’s staff. Trustpilot has a strict policy that does not allow any known questionable reviews.