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These days, when people want to know if a business is worth their time and money, they turn to Yelp. Yelp has become the internet’s largest review platform for customers to give their opinions on businesses. There are over 40 million reviews on Yelp and with an estimated 70 million site visits a month, those numbers are certain to only grow. This is why the importance of a good Yelp presence should be clear to any business owner.

It’s obvious that Yelp can make or break a business. But it’s not just a situation where business owners should look for ways to avoid bad reviews. Rather, they want to encourage their reviewers to leave positive reviews that highlight exactly why the business is worth patronizing. In a survey, a whopping 90% of Yelp visitors said that they were definitely encouraged to try businesses that had a positive presence on the platform. Furthermore, another study showed that small companies that actively worked to improve their Yelp presence could enjoy an average $8,000 increase in profits.

To put it simply, Yelp is powerful and only getting more powerful as time passes.

Even when businesses accept that Yelp is crucial to their success, trying to optimize their presence on the site can seem like a challenge. Many business owners attempt to get a higher score on Yelp by encouraging their customers to leave a positive review. While this works some of the time, many of your customers might not feel inspired enough to leave a truly effective review, even if you offer them an incentive like a coupon.

However, there’s another way. Businesses that are truly passionate about watching their company grow can meet their Yelp goals by simply buying the reviews they need to make their company stand out on the platform. Think of it as hitting the “easy” button on your Yelp strategy.

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