Looking for an instant answer to a question?

  • Do you use aged accounts?

    Without question. The accounts we use are aged and from many counties Like USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Spain etc. The age of the accounts can range between a couple of months and one or two years.

  • How real do these accounts look?

    The accounts have everything needed to demonstrate authenticity including profile pictures and profile information. They also have social activity such as an active friends list, numerous reviews, and comments.

  • Do you use proxy's IP's assigned to the accounts?

    No. For added credibility, no accounts are assigned a single proxy as this way will always get you flagged and banned, we use real peoples accounts and real IP addresses.

  • How is my business kept safe when I order reviews?

    We take the safety and privacy of our clients seriously. The services we provide are backed with a guarantee that we will not provide any service that would bring harm to your business. To do so would be counterproductive as we work to earn your trust and satisfaction. No matter the situation, privacy and non-disclosure are an essential part of our commitment to you.

  • Are these fake reviews?

    Not necessarily. We give you options like syndicating content provided to a different site. You are in complete control when it comes to determining the legitimacy of a review.

  • Who writes the actual review?

    We staff professional writers who devote hours of research to your business in an effort to authentically represent the services you provide. If you prefer, you can also send us your own content. We’re happy to accommodate whichever scenario works best for you.

  • I need a review on a particular site but it is not listed under the sites on your form. Can I buy a review for that site?

    In most cases, certainly! Just contact us and we’ll do everything in our power to help.

  • Do you have a resale program?

    We sure do! Our resale options include generous discounts based on the volume and type of orders that you wish to purchase. Simply contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss the options with you.

  • What is your policy regarding filtered reviews?

    We have two sets of 30-day policies. The first of these is a 30-day free replacement policy that goes into effect as soon as the review is posted. If your review is placed into the “NOT RECOMMENDED” section within that 30 days, we’ll replace it at no additional charge. If the review is filtered, we have certain measures in place to make it live again. This begins a second 30-day period, allowing us to ensure that your reviews stay live for the first 60 days.

  • Why not give the reviews a forever guarantee?

    While we would love to be able to do this, we have no control over what you plan to do with the listings and their settings. There are many variables that we have no control over. You could choose to purchase reviews from another provider or offer incentives to customers who leave a positive review. Both of these examples can affect the stick rate when they are done improperly.

  • Will buying reviews get my business in trouble?

    Absolutely not. Our services are completely safe, and we work hard to protect your privacy. If you want to learn more about our specific methods, please read this page.

  • What if I have more questions?

    You may contact us via email at our contact us page. One of our friendly staff members will be happy to assist you.