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Online sources indicate that the search engine Google no longer acknowledges reviews of products, services and businesses from Yelp and other similar third-party review sites. This has, naturally, increased the importance of Google business reviews for any company striving to make it. In fact, it has become even more vital since Google launched Google Places and Google+.

The reason for this is simple. Google reviews of local businesses not only improve the reputations of businesses online but the reviews also influence their rankings on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). A local business that garners a number one ranking on their keyword score is reported to have an average of 33 percent more business reviews on the same page.

A Google Places review, which a customer can post on a business’s Google+ page, is much more powerful than any other review including those on CitySearch, Tripadvisor, YellowPages and Yelp. (In fact, when it comes to the latter, it is a well known fact that businesses pay good money to have competent, creative writers post five-star reviews about their companies on the Yelp website.) Experts in the industry say that a good Google business review actually generates more page clicks from users.

80 percent of Google search engine users will choose a business that has a five-gold star review next to its Google listing. The gold stars have been proven to catch the user’s eye time and time again. Additionally, reviews that are written by Google users are automatically shared with their friends, family and acquaintances included in their personal circle.

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This not only works to the business’ benefit in terms of Google Places optimization; it also gives the business more visibility. That increase in visibility often translates into an increase in the company’s customer base. Thus, Google reviews are important to any business.

How does a business get those reviews? After all, while they are critical to the success of a business, many customers do not post reviews. Some are too busy to post reviews while others just think they are.

Other customers don’t have a Google account. A large number of customers will only take the time and effort to post reviews when they are unsatisfied with a vendor. While businesses may in theory be able to solicit reviews directly, there is only so much time in every work day or consider it “begging”. So what does a smart business owner do?

It’s easy. Check out Google Places optimization services. They can help any business with their profile problems.

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